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    Hello there,
    my specs are AMD X2 6000+, 4 gigs RAM, GTS 250 and two 7200 rpm HDDs and I kinda have problems with frapsing at 1680x1050, general problem is that FPS jumps up and down, from range 20 to 50, so I am guessing Ill need to upgrade. Tho, I am not sure which parts. I heard about those new SSD hard-drives and their speeds, so I am wondering if buying a SSD would solve my problems?

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    How have you set the HDDs right now? What you can try is running windows+wow from one disc and recording to the other one. First make sure the HDD you're recording to is as empty as possible and defragmented.

    That processor is really weak for running WoW and fraps at the same time, so I doubt you can do any better recording without extensive upgrades.
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