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    Well done. Good to see someone else getting a world first.
    Teamwork is essential - it gives the enemy someone else to shoot at!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brexour View Post
    They got 2 resets per week so not so much to say...
    Not actually. Only firelands are reset twice per week. Their kill race of deathwing is completely legit.

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    Saw it also the moment it updated. Loads of fanboy crying inc.

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    Funny to see 2 Korean guilds dominating the scene this time around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earsofpower View Post
    It's not exactly hard to check someone's armoury and see they have the same number of kills as EU/US guilds.

    They just downed it.

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    Unexpected to be honest. Congratulations!

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    GG Koreans. Well done. Nice to see new blood at the top...I guess Spine was harder than Madness.

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    OP, should use their name "KIN Raiders" as well in the title.

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    cool. Nice going Korea =)

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    Hah! awesome.

    I hope they didn't exploit spine or madness.. would be pity.

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    Grats to the koreans!

    But doesn't twice FL resets per week mean twice as many legendaries? :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by otixx View Post
    inb4 people blame it on ''2 resets per week when its only for firelands =)" stay small paragon fanboi's
    To bad someone already posted that lol. And like I said, if it's true, which it seems to be, grats to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulwarked View Post
    congrats to them. I still can't tell the difficulty. I know it only took them 3 days, but who knows how many attempts they put into it. I'd like to think spine isn't harder than madness still.
    They went into overdrive I bet, cancel work and go get it.

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    Lol joke tier, ragnaros took much longer, u can easily see they are making things for casuals, doubt this patch will be fun much longer.

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    Congratulation. Nobody had them on the list I guess.....

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    Nice job. Gratz and don't let the baseless exploit claims get to you! Enjoy your moments of fame and keep going

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    Holy cow.. Then gz blizzard, big fail again. Last boss being easier than the one before it, hell of a job.

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    Gratz to KIN Raiders. First time when other than non-eu/US guild got FK

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    Wow, that was fast. Huge gz

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    Way to go!
    I'm so happy none of the cheaters even got close!
    MoP is awesome.

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