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    It's been clear from the beginning that V/BL stands no real chance, either Inner Sanctum or Paragon will definitely get the 1st Western kills of both remaining encounters.
    All good raiders in the world reside east of the Atlantic.
    Everyone is east of the Atlantic, if you go far enough.

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    Between them full clearing LFR and reg versions of the raid on about 9 times in addition to the twice weekly raid resets I think these guys deserve the World First kill. However with the twice weekly resets may have halved the amount of time that it would take in the US and EU.
    Srsly, do you just post crap? Or actually inform yourself before you post?
    About 500 people alone in mmo pointed out that the double reset was only for FL to make them catch up with our ilvl average...

    OT: Gratz but next time keep the race on a little longer
    It's no fun to watch this madness
    "Hey we killed spine and the day after tomorrow we will down madness" - KIN Raiders ^^
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