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    Swtor: How big is the download?


    I just bought my copy of Swtor and i'm just wondering how big the download is, before i can start playing?

    Thanks in advance

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    around 30gb?

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    Its nowhere near 30gb.

    My program files are 19.5gb, the download is more than likely smaller than that.

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    Anyone else got a ridiculously slow download rate?

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    Ok guess i'll have to wait and see then.

    Thanks for the help, and no my download isn't slow at all.

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    I would say the download is 18-19gb or so. Took me like 3-3.5 hours to download it, patching included.

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    If you are installing from disc then I guess it will just be patches and hotfixes made since they pressed the discs-so not long at all.

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