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    Quote Originally Posted by airea View Post
    The combat reminds me of Vindictus, personally. That game would've been amazing too, but I don't think they had enough funding to keep coming out with content fast enough for the players.
    The biggest problem with Vindictus, imo, was P2P connection. I liked dragon's nest better for this reason.

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    I remember seeing a video where an elementalist used some tornado ability (I forget what it is called) and the tornado went through an area that was on fire in that zone and it made the whole tornado catch on fire. Another video I watched had a thief shoot his arrow through a damaged area of a brick wall and could hit people through that but not through the rest of the wall, he could also use infiltrators arrow through the hole and teleport through that spot rather than walk all the way around, so I would assume you could hide behind stuff and not get hit. I also think a lot of combat reminds me of first person shooters.
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    Combat is, what is repeated all the time, dynamic in its nature.

    For example, you do not have to stay still to cast, you can do it in movement. There is also that with all ranged spells you do have to aim your shoot and not just right click someone and cast the spell/shoot arrow.
    I don't know about bush, but if someone runs behind the rock and you shoot in his direction (while he is behind the rock, you will not hit him, you will basicly "miss" you will hit rock). Also, if your target is in the movement and you shot at him and he moves 2 steps left you will miss him (taking it is not aoe).
    In combat, every class has a heal of its own that is dedicated to healing and is meant to be your main healing ability.

    I'm not sure any longer, but I don't think there is hit/dodge as stats.
    You only have 4 stats in general and any of those is useful to any class some might apply a bit more than others, but they are considerede equal by some. (If you ask me, I'll build my warrior and guardian always with power/toughness/vitality focus)
    4 stats are:
    Power — increases attack
    Precision — increases critical hit chance
    Toughness — increases defense
    Vitality — increases maximum health

    Through traits you can increase your armor.

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    Yeah there's no dodge or hit stats, it's all based on YOU dodging and YOU actually hitting your target. No block stat either, you have to actively block with a shield.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowWhiteWolf View Post
    Oh oh and make Asura puntable!



    Too much?
    Please let that be a mini game! please Anet!

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    not having a go at you here, but do you really think its better game play that states determine if you hit or miss, rather then the person actually playing the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiif View Post
    not having a go at you here, but do you really think its better game play that states determine if you hit or miss, rather then the person actually playing the game?
    Don't know to whom you were responding, but I do not. Missing a mob just because you didn't have enough hit or expertise even if it was a 10 meter mob sitting in your face isn't something I like a lot personally. However missing a mob, 10 meters or not because it moves out of the way is something nice since it actually makes you do something.
    This is why I liked to play an archer type in Elder Scrolls games for example, since when you shoot an arrow, you can miss, and it's fun if you shoot an arrow then the mob shoots theirs, or a spell, and you move having it pass right next to your ear so to say. I'll love doing this in here as well if I can.

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