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    Sounds like these guys training harder than all. If the same people were living heroic rags 4 times a week for months. Hard content is a lot easier for them compared to guilds who raid on mains only then sleep for 6 days. I had preached this scenario for years before I stopped raiding. Bring the player not the toon says it all in this case. Huge grats to these guys. N. Korean dictator dies and they get a world 1st. Thats a huge early xmas present for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxiye View Post
    I'd love if people stopped this bullshit. It's not the same fight, therefore Madness is the last encounter of the expansion, and should be comparable to LK. It's not. Spine is the second to last encounter. Not part of the last.
    Sure you know that M'uru was harder than Kil'J .. dont ya? :>

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