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    Hagarra disconecting bug

    Has anyone else noticed that since the patch last nite, at random times throughout the encounter theres a high chance that you and your raid members will dc?

    My guild was going through a clear tonite and was unable to get passed hagarra cause whenever we would pull either the tanks would dc mid fight or the healers would. We tried disabling all addons and the problem still persisted.

    Just wondering if this is just our guild or if it is happening to alot more people.


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    Theres been random DCs all over the place tonight. Been happening to a lot of the guildies, and according to the forums, a lot of other ppl.

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1012660/ For reference

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    had it happen alot after 5 am eastern on the rogue during hagara in lfr.

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    Same her in LFR atm. (EU'
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    Just killed her on LFR, dced 4 times during the kill, killed the boss with 7 people alive cos of DCs *sigh*

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    Same here. EU this morning. Several times during hagara. Disabled all my addons and logged in no problem after that...might be a coincidence
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    Im in the fight right now dead because i dcd 3-4 times, the last time was during ice walls.

    DBM had an update today, possible they screwed something up?


    Wiped, got disconnected another two times only while ghostrunning :/

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    Do not jump or move mouse cursor to prevent this.

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    Yeah, had a few disconnects at Hagara and one at Warmaster LFR.

    Quote Originally Posted by ekardnah View Post
    Do not jump or move mouse cursor to prevent this.
    This comment made me chuckle.

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    True story.
    Jumping sidesteps while right button clicked is highly risky.
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    getting random dcs during hagara on lfr
    killed her anyways

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    Yeh ive been talking it over with the guildies who were disconecting and it seems like most of us were using the newly patched DBM. Havnt spoken to them all so not sure if this is 100% the case, but could be the issue

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    We disconnected a lot of during a half guild run of the second half of LFR last night.
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    yep - Hagarra new weapon is random dc 2-5 people in the group >.<

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    It's not just Haggara either, happens on madness and just randomly in the world to me, and people in my guild.

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    We had problems before Hagara also, when in Zon'ozz's room or Yor'Sahjs room, whenever player went to face to wall and jumped, DCed.
    Oh well, killed those in HC anyway and then to Hagara, first pull, 3 guys DCed on first 3 seconds.
    New pull, 5 guys DCed on ice phase...

    Seems like our farm bosses are not going to die today

    edit: Went to FL, seems like ppl are DCing there too

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    Playing on Dragonmaw of Taiwan and unusual lots of disconnects over there as well. Reports not just exclusively happen in DS but in FL and 5men as well. Jumping, strafing, and even the Deathwing flip in Spine has been reporting to cause disconnects too.

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    +1 for jumping and strafing.
    We had dc issues all night, and called when we went into hagara's room and 4-5 people dc'd on the trash
    Funny though, personally I had no issues.

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