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    Question about T13 2pc and Arms

    I've run into a problem when trying to make use of the T13 2pc as arms.

    Like any warrior who wants to maximize their DPS, I stance dance. This essentially means I cap at 70 rage instead of 100. When I use Inner Rage, I can only use heroic strike 1-3 times, depending on raid damage, while its up because of this. So my question is, would it be better to stay in battle stance while Inner Rage is active, so you can work with the entirety of your 100 rage, and weave in more Heroic Strikes?

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    I've been thinking about this aswell, seeing as you're 50+ rage so much of the time sub 20% of fights like Ultraxion, both normal and heroic. I'll test some things for ex. leaving OP out of execute rotation, see what happens

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    shouldnt need to OP on ultra during execute. you can just sit in berserker the whole time

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    OP contributes the most to deep wounds stacking so will have to see if its worth leaving it out for more HS' and executes

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    Have you looked into how the new 4 set bonus affects Arms? 13% free colossus smash seems op for arms

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