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    kodan for a race . a shotgun(theres already pistols and rifles) and a whip or lance would be nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by durza View Post
    a shotgun(theres already pistols and rifles)
    It's been rolled in with rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durzlla View Post
    Lol I'll be a saaaaaaaaaad panda when I gotta beat up joko... He's a beast!!
    Yeah, but he's also a huge dick. And it's our fault he's free.

    On the Dwarves thing - I think it's more of a set up for us to deal with them than anything, honestly. They're scattered and it's extremely rare to meet one, perfect set up for a new story arc there or at least some interesting DEs. Who else will help us out when we have to deal with Primordius? Pretty much just the Asura at this point, unless we get some helpful Skritt. (Skritt and Asura working together... right)

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