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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablous View Post
    I play enhancement on high ratings since 2004. Watch my videos on my youtube/DiablousEu.
    Diablous was the one i had in mind when writing my last post. The newest video was awesome.

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    What Diablous is able to do with a gimped spec is amazing. 95% of people playing enh will never be able to duplicate his success. He is definitely an inspiration for other enh to try to strive for. Blizz has taken major steps in this past patch to help enh be more viable so I hope by the time mop comes out they have it all figured out.

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    Gimped spec? Man ur making it sound like ele s9. THAT was a gimped/horrible spec. Few ppl was able to do well with it.
    Enhance is quite decent atm, good offense and defense. Don't forget the godlike heals - not as good as ret, but still good. Enjoy critting 30-40k instant heals every 10-15 sec (depending on rng ofc).

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    30-40k heals? Are you putting points in spark of life to get that much? Having to take reverberation doesn't leave a lot of extra talent points to plaay wwith. Do you play enh in arena? There's a reason not many people play enh and why diablous is one of the very few who do play it that actually excel. What looks good on paper doesn't always translate to arena. I'm not saying enh can't be good in arena, just that it isn't the easiest spec to excel in as compared to other class/specs. Your average rogue, dk, feral, etc have an easier go to 2.2k as opposed to your average enh sham.

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    The spec's main and I'd say ONLY issue is the fact that it relies so heavily on a proc for heals and damage. Despite the lack of imagination of paladin's holy power system, it still allows their heals and major damaging attacks rely on something THEY control. Remove procs from such vital and important things in PvP and you'll be made rank 1-viable over night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamygandof View Post
    You better be real good to hit 2.2k as enh and be a god to get glad. Do yourself a favor on roll a dk. It'll take half the talent to get the same results.
    This is how i felt back in the days comparing moonkins to warlock.. still possible as a moonkin, but it would be alot better to roll a warlock. Same with enh shaman vs death knight i guess.

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