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    388 Elemental shaman LF raid guild

    Ner'zhul - DRAXXA

    I'm looking for a guild who raids morning or days PST.
    I've raided for several years and I was the GM of AM raiders on Silverhand.

    My situation is I transferred my characters to be on my wifes server at the
    start of cata (the grass is always greener).

    Well my friends and wife only bg and I get crap from the wife whenever I raid at night
    So im looking to find a guild I can raid with during the day on my time off or
    On days I head in late to work to close.

    Thanks for checking out the post and dealing with the bad spelling and grammar
    I'm currently posting on an iPhone since my wife is grefing me about wanting to

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    What PST times did you have in mind? I'm looking to start up a new heroic raiding group if you'd be interested in something like that. PM me for details.



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    <Yuva> is an Oceanic guild, comprised mostly of people from the Indian subcontinent, the rest from Singapore & Australia. Our raid times for you would be roughly
    Wed - 7:30 am - 10:00 am PST
    Thurs - 7:30 am - 10:00 am PST

    We have 2 raid teams, both of whom have cleared DS 10 on normal and are working on HMs. We're looking to fill out a couple empty spots in Group 2.

    For any information, send me a PM, or talk to me in game. Just make a level 1 toon on Frostmourne (Alliance) and ask for Juno, Reliara or Tendrak
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    We're a fun guild looking for ppl that want to raid on a regular basis.
    Lvl 19 (almost 20), nice perks, food/flasks dropped at every raid.

    We'd love to have you. check us out on the Pacific US servers or search for Raiders of the Lost Ark in Guild Recruitment

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