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    403ilvl 6/8HM Enhancement Shaman LF new Home

    Hello im looking for a new home im 6/8hm and some attempts to 2nd plate on spine. Im from the USA but due to my work schedule i cant raid american times. So im looking for a guild that raids 5pm Aest and on. since i cant post my link to my toon. My toon name is Julians on Proudmoore

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    Hey, PM me. I may have something you'd be interested in!

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    We're a fun guild looking for ppl that want to raid on a regular basis.
    Lvl 19 (almost 20), nice perks, food/flasks dropped at every raid.

    We'd love to have you. check us out on the Pacific US servers or search for Raiders of the Lost Ark in Guild Recruitment

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