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    387 Resto druid Lf New server + Raiding Guild

    387 Resto druid looking to transfer off of US - Kael'thas due to guild breaking up.
    4/7 heroic firelands pre 4.3
    Current 7/8 normal DS ( easily qualified for 8/8 )

    Shows up to raid on time, consistant and will take advice if i need to pick up my game.
    Of course have Ventrilo.

    9:30 GMT time zone ( Australia )
    make anytime after 5:00 P.M
    Lemme know if u want to talk in vent for more information.

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    Apr 2011
    Sydney, Australia
    Would love to have a chat, check out our thread


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    Hi, Thador! If you're still looking, I'm looking to build a new raiding group immediately and push through heroic DS. If you're interested, please PM me!



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    Not sure if you'd be able to make our weekend afternoon raids but we are in need of a resto druid atm.
    We raid from 3.30-6.30pm on Sat and Sunday, Dath'remar server.

    You can check us out at: http://mischiefus.shivtr.com/ for more info

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    We're a fun guild looking for ppl that want to raid on a regular basis.
    Lvl 19 (almost 20), nice perks, food/flasks dropped at every raid.

    We'd love to have you. check us out on the Pacific US servers or search for Raiders of the Lost Ark in Guild Recruitment

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