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    Midnight Snacks - what's your favourite?

    After a couple hours of attempting to sleep its 2:37AM and I'm hungry.
    Currently munching on peanut butter with raspberry jam on toast doused with a glass of milk.
    Wondering what other's favourite midnight snacks are?

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    Pit Lord aztr0's Avatar
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    I haven't snacked for a while, trying to quit midnight snacking.

    But I used to eat chips. Calbee hot & spicy, Deli Jalapeno chips, Herrs Jalapeno chips, UTZ red hot chips or Wise/UTZ salt and vinegar. I'm a chips person heh.

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    Chicken Sandwich whit Bacon and Carry Uhm

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    Noodles, fast and easy to make
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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    Mac and cheese.

    Nothing like pissing off the folks with the rattling and clattering of pans at 1:00 in the morning.

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    If I stay up late (which I don't do often), I'd like to make a bowl with mixed fruit.
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    There was a thread about this a few weeks ago (but I can't seem to find it >.<)... That being said, my favorite midnight snack is basically anything from Taco Bell, even though it is absolutely terrible for you, there's something that makes it taste like food from the heavens at 1 or 2 in the morning.

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    Hmmm... I've only been up past midnight once in the past three months and I didn't eat any snacks. I must be getting old.
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    I bust out a toastie bag, chop some tomatoes and grate some cheese, sprinkle on a selection of herb stuff then put it all between 2 slices of bread, slip it in the toastie bag and ... toast it.

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    I've been hooked on microwave pizza lately.

    I'm a fatty :c
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    Cookies. Absolutely love having cookies at that time. Any kind.

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    Water... granola bar, occasionally pan cooked popcorn too

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    Left overs, and pizza.

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    grill toasted chedder cheese sarnies buttered on both sides (yes yes its a heartattack waiting to happen)but once i get 2 of them into my system i,m out like a lgiht a short while laters content as a bear.
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    Pastrami sandwich or a nice PBnJ.

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    Usually something along the lines of noodles or a packet of crisps. Oh, or chocolate!

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    Anything, last night I ate shrimps and salmon since we had some over from dinner. I like a nice sallad to(pasta, dried tomatoes, pesto, chicken, feta cheese etc for example)
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    Whatever is inn the kitchen really. Something thats fast, and dosent make alot of noice. Useally bread or some. Maybe some serial or real snak things/cookies.

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    Can't get enough of those.
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    Pandaren Monk Slummish's Avatar
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    I'm a bit like Elvis when it comes to leaving lists of mandatory supplies for the household staff. There must always be the following on hand:

    Roasted, salted pistachios.
    Stilton and melba toast.
    Sriracha, cracked pepper Boursin and sea salt pita chips.

    I have some of one these almost every night before bed. Unless, however, I pass out first... God bless Charles Tanqueray.

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