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    Tub of Nutella of course.

    Or since its the holidays, and my mom makes a crap ton of an oatmeal-chocolate-cherry-toffee cookie, I eat that. Course thats also my breakfast <.<. God damn the holidays.
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    Nachos. Nachos everywhere. Mmmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willeonge View Post
    Tub of Nutella of course.
    Close your eyes and smile.
    [15:53] <PizzaSHARK> you have such a cute accent! ^_^

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    Frosted Pretzels day n night

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    Tea with bergamot or jasmine and white chocolate.
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    Durum, french fries, anything really :]

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    cornish pasty, or cheese on toast, or a bowl of vegetable soup

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    Peanut butter sandwish

    Canned fish + porridge

    Cottage cheese + bread

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    In the weekends, Coca-Cola and some salty stuff. On the working-weeks: just Coca-Cola. And it's not just my midnight snack, but my life's elixir pretty much, drink it with everything.
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    I either go with an egg and cheese sandwich with toasted bread, or a salami and mustard on untoasted whit bread sandwich. Damn it now im hungry >.>

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    i add a little pepper

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    a low level of preparation midnight dinner. Just going through the kitchen picking just about anything appealing looking, stuffing myself like I'm prepping for hibernation.

    then again I eat a light dinner usually, maybe it's compensating or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by lifematters View Post
    a gallon of melted cheese mixed with shredded bacon and mayo best shit ever.
    I am adding that to my bucket list, thank you sir!

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    Big bowl of cornflakes mixed with Coco-pops <3

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    Usually a sandwich or cereal.

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    Fluffernutter, if I want something sweet.

    Peanutbutter and pickle (or relish), if I don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naamari View Post
    In the weekends, Coca-Cola and some salty stuff. On the working-weeks: just Coca-Cola. And it's not just my midnight snack, but my life's elixir pretty much, drink it with everything.
    I am also coocoo for Coke.

    Mainly Vanilla Coke, since it's not as hard on my stomach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Failmuffins View Post
    Mac and cheese.

    Nothing like pissing off the folks with the rattling and clattering of pans at 1:00 in the morning.
    Ahahaha, this!
    Oh man, after a long night of raiding, nothing would piss off my parents more than me getting up at like 3am and making a full course meal XD
    But as for snacking? For some reason, I was content with coffee. Just coffee. It filled me up (in more ways than one :P) And kept me up long enough to see the raid through!

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    Sounds boring but its papaya with honey and few bananas.. yummy xD
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    I usally go with a a Croque-monsieur with only ham and some ketchup, its nice and pretty quick and i can just watch some tv, usally south park, while waiting for it to be done otherwise i grab something i can put into the microwave, in the weekends there isnt usally a lot i can warm up but if i have vacation there are usally some left overs.

    If i like taking my time i grab a Baguette and stuff it in the oven, and use kruiden boter ( a kind of boter with garlic). usally takes like 20 min for its good to go, but you have a great snack when it comes out of the oven (the boter is applyed after its out of the ovens of course).

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