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    Still stuck with only mainhand, got 3 of them now :/

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    Ran it for the first time yesterday, got the main hand.
    Went to Kael Thas, and he didnt drop the phoenix.

    Needless to say i wrote a ticket over my horrible luck !

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    I raided much BT in TBC, but never dropped back then. 2nd week of hitting level 80, I got my offhand. Took me about 60 more runs (with the mainhand reserved) to get it to drop and to complete my set. Lately I got it on my warrior alt aswell.

    Gz to all who got em, truly beatiful weapons!

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    I have farmed the item from Baron in MC for Thundefury for almost 2 years now, I just long for this feeling.

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    got my MH today 62 runs

    got OH after about 24ish runs. the last 3 weeks i've 2 OHs and 1 MH. previous 2 weeks was basically " OMG GLAIVE! wait no, its OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU"

    very easy to solo it all as rogue now, stealthing past the trash with nightstalker talent makes it actually significantly faster than going with friends lol.

    i now have all legendaries that i can equip and will need to find something else to farm :P
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    My rogue got her mainhand in her very first Illidan kill (also got shard of azzinoth). 46 kills later, still no offhand. To date, that rogue has seen 8 mainhands total. On all my characters, i've seen 15 mainhands and 2 offhands.
    Yeah, the OH is rare for me.
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    Was doing this on my monk for only a month or so but no drop. Went on a random trans run that was advertised in trade while on my priest. The OH dropped. Was just excited to see one drop even if I couldn't use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Encountered View Post
    After my weekly Black temple run today on my 70 twink rogue with OH & legendary bow. The Main hand glaive finaly drops ! After 34 annoying runs.
    I'm jelly of your OH, truly I am, I've had 2 main hand drops in my last 10 kills >.>, both of my toons need the OH now actually. Big gratz.

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    Lol I'm so lazy, I have the MH glaive on my rogue, 1 binding on my warr and I've been on the shadow's edge chain since wrath but I never finish anything. Also was like 24k kills from Bloodthirsty and I haven't really played MoP at all, lol. Shame, lots of work and who knows if I'll ever come back and finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drack View Post
    I ran BT with my DK friend at the start of MoP and the MH glaive dropped, we rolled he won, next week OH dropped I told him to just take it and complete his set, at 90 i ran it by myself and got the MH, next week nothing, week after OH ( and bulwark). so 4/5 runs saw 2 MH and OHs.

    on a side note i just did Sunwell today and thori'dal dropped, lucky me :P
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    still running with buddy of mine to bt from time to time but after 72 trys he gave up ^^ if they get to be transmogged we probably start again xD

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    on my main toon took around 34 for an off hand to drop and 4 more for an main hand, just starting with my monk, 3 week and i got an off hand and the cursed vision of sargeras, need main hand now

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    Any advice on the Illidari Council? As a level 90 Monk in ivl484 gear I wiped to them once when their health had reached 1hp then continued to fluctuate around that even when I started AOEing several of them.

    Is there some trick I'm unaware of? I even focused the Paladin my second run just in case he could BoP and prevent anyone from dying. It still took several hundred thousand damage before they died at nearly no hp.
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    The last bit of hp is extremely annoying on them. Their health only redistributes every 2-3s. As a rogue, I just throw out some FoKs at the end. It still takes awhile for them to actually die though, especially if a physical or magic immunity is out.

    You shouldn't really have a problem surviving them infinitely. Just don't stand in AoE and interrupt every heal you can. Be ready for them to bounce between 1-5% for ~20s.

    I haven't had any problems on that fight since I started moving out of the AoEs (and even before, defensive CDs kept me alive—barely). I just focus the priest and run around with the ret on me, doing single target DPS to him and Shadowstep+Kicking every heal I can. Near the end, I drag them together and AoE a bit, still avoiding their AoEs or popping Cloak of Shadows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazarius View Post
    on my main toon took around 34 for an off hand to drop and 4 more for an main hand, just starting with my monk, 3 week and i got an off hand and the cursed vision of sargeras, need main hand now
    That's so lucky on your monk! :O 36 runs and have gotten 2 off hand drops ...

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    55 runs +/- on my rogue 20+ pre wotlk and 34 +/- after that are tracked in the armory
    36 on my DK for 2 glaives ( first run mainhand 36 for offhand)
    5 runs on my warrior for 2 glaives.. ( second run mainhand , fifth offhand.. <3 )

    so yeah i do like farming BT... i was even thinking about farming them for my monk... :P
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    Been a very good Christmas for Terph, just looted the OH and Bulwark now hes officially done with BT Took him about 8 weeks for the 3 items. Lucky

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    last week like i said i got a OH from illi on my monk, just did it again this week, another off hand, sadly gone to the waste >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazarius View Post
    last week like i said i got a OH from illi on my monk, just did it again this week, another off hand, sadly gone to the waste >.<
    Send it my way :P I need a OH.
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    Here is my monk dual wield Warglaives took like 7 run.
    2x main hand droped and 1x offhand.

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