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    Help me with a crafting skill!

    Hey so i picked up, slicing, and scavenging. What would be a complement crafting skill to go with these two gathering skills? I have treasure hunting right now, but im not sure if these 3 are good together. Any help would be appreciated

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    Anything that needs the metal from your scavenging could work, think that's armortech/amotech and one more that I can recall off the top of my head.

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    Armormech and Armstech uses Scavanging and Investigation.
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    When on the space station, talk with all of the trainers. That will give you 450 xp for each, and a lore entry. The lore entry will actually tell you which crafting skills work together.

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    Amortech, Armstech, and cybertech all go with scavenging. Slicing is a oddball and doesnt really go with any crewskills but it does give you alot of credits and schematics for some

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    I suggest reading up on the lore entries, they tell you pretty much everything you need to know. There's really not much choice what complementary crew skills you should pick, so just go with what the codex entry tells you to.

    Obey the Codex, you must.

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    Get slicing and spam it until it gets nerfed... lots of cR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadsop View Post
    Get slicing and spam it until it gets nerfed... lots of cR.
    What he said, i'm not even joking. I'm sitting on 480k credits @lv33. By the time i get to lv40 (The mount costs / training costs is 235k in total) I'll have about 700k i'd say. Because i level really slow.

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    Just hit level 25 and bought my 48000 cR Speeder training + Speeder. My Slicing level is 400 and even though I just spent 48000, I have 140k in the bank right now.

    You. Must. Get. Slicing. Before it gets nerfed!!

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    Im actually not getting alot of money from Slicing, just breaking even usually, but Im about 11-13. I have a few characters that have it.

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    im jsut about to head to Nar Shadda what lvl should i have slicing at?

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    If you get a crafting skill with Slicing and Scavenging, you're not going to be able to make blue+ quality of items without buying things from the Market.

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    Slicing is indeed very powerful. Cybertech works reasonably well with it, since a lot of recipes from Slicing will be Cybertech (around 70% for me). Problem is you will need to find a supplier or buy the blue mats required to build the more powerful Cybertech schematics, since Slicing wont provide those for you.

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    So how exactly do I make money with slicing?

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    i wouldnt take a crafting proession at all, id do all 3 gathering to make some serious credits. slicing/scavenging/bioanalysis are my 3 crew skills on all my toons. everything i would need crafted so far is either dirt cheap on the GTN, or available through planet/pvp tokens.

    i just made 51,000 credits in about 8 hours leveling from 13-17 in drumond kaas with them. my level 30 has 600k credits. It's definitely worth it.

    EDIT: wanted to point out that im on the highest pop server in game (the fatman pvp), and i was able to make that much money. i could only imagine if i had a smaller pop server, with more lockboxes and such available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Recyclops View Post
    So how exactly do I make money with slicing?
    Constantly send out the max amount of people you can on lockbox missions. It's impossible to lose money on in the long run. Not only do the boxes themselves contain nice amounts of credits, but there is the option for some great extras as well. Like schematics and rare missions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recyclops View Post
    So how exactly do I make money with slicing?
    There's lockboxes, safes, data stations,etc all over in the worlds. Each time you hack one,l you get a credit box (white-green-blue-purple) with credits in it. Also, the big money maker with slicing is the skills missions you send your companion on. They frequently come back with huge amounts of credits, and patterns to sell on the AH. You literally spend 300 credits (mission cost) to make 1500 most of the time.

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    Okay, thanks for the advice!

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    hello every one, one question from me:

    I am level 12 now, first toon, and I have 1 companion. I saw that I can send her to do prof. quests, and she comes back with loot or with a "failed" result.
    My question is:
    Can I do the missions? Or the prof. missions are only available for the companions?

    thank you for your response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    Speaking of getting rare missions from slicing. Can you actually sell the vouchers ? Does anyone want to buy them ? It doesn't seem very lucrative considering whoever has the proffesion that can use the mission voucher for, also has to pay the mission cost himself and if you add to that the cost for buying the voucher from you...I don't see how the extra mats he gets out of it would be worth the money.
    The ones I got were tradable and I sold them on the GTN. Sadly I dropped the skill to take up investigation so I could get purple and blue recipes for armstech while levling.

    Some people buy the purps for 2k creds and those are lvl 15~ augments. (i don't craft weapons only mods)

    edit: crew skill missions can only be done by companions. You can send all available companions (not sure if this isn't true I can send all my companions at lvl 25 but that's only two so far) off gathering/crafting whatever but the only thing your character is able to do is pick stuff up off the ground. No diplomacy for you!
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