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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomPadawan View Post
    hello every one, one question from me:

    I am level 12 now, first toon, and I have 1 companion. I saw that I can send her to do prof. quests, and she comes back with loot or with a "failed" result.
    My question is:
    Can I do the missions? Or the prof. missions are only available for the companions?

    thank you for your response.
    Only companions can do the missions/crafting as far as I know, with 2 my companions at the moment I usually send the one I don't use on missions for materials (armstech/scavenging/investigation combo). All I can do it pick up metal from the ground or loot it from dead droids like above post said too

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    if your a force user:
    synthweaving, archaeology, anything

    if your a tech user:
    Armortech/amotech, scavanging, anything
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    Synthweaving requires underworld trading, unless you have fabrics and metals stocked up in a dark hole somewhere.

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    for Cybertech you need Underwold Trading...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    Speaking of getting rare missions from slicing. Can you actually sell the vouchers ? Does anyone want to buy them ? It doesn't seem very lucrative considering whoever has the proffesion that can use the mission voucher for, also has to pay the mission cost himself and if you add to that the cost for buying the voucher from you...I don't see how the extra mats he gets out of it would be worth the money.
    Iv only done one epic mission discovery that was slicing level 250 and the reward is worth it to buy the missions for a couple thousand. 2 epic 37+ augments, 1 epic underworld trading mission, 1 blue underworld trading misson, and 12k credits

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickybrighteyes View Post
    The ones I got were tradable and I sold them on the GTN. Sadly I dropped the skill to take up investigation so I could get purple and blue recipes for armstech while levling.

    Some people buy the purps for 2k creds and those are lvl 15~ augments. (i don't craft weapons only mods)

    edit: crew skill missions can only be done by companions. You can send all available companions (not sure if this isn't true I can send all my companions at lvl 25 but that's only two so far) off gathering/crafting whatever but the only thing your character is able to do is pick stuff up off the ground. No diplomacy for you!
    The number of companions you can send on missions scales with your level. I'm level 25 at the moment and I can send all three of my companions out.

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    i`m stuck with Cybertech at lv 60.
    all recipes are grey. i have bougth all the Terenthium that was in the Galactic Market but now i got nothing.
    I can see that Cybertech is crap without Underworld Market.
    my crew skills are:

    if i were to drop say scavange + cybertech, would i find 2 other skills that would not require a third one ? (so i would not have to drop slicing too...)

    I am lv 23 Imperial Agent. first character, new to the game.

    thank you for your time and advice.

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    anyone has some good advice ?
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    maybe drop Slicing and get Underworld ?

    but if you drop slicing i don`t know how you will get money for food...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomPadawan View Post
    i`m stuck with Cybertech at lv 60.
    all recipes are grey.
    I'd double check your trainer. You shouldn't need any underworld metals just to level cybertech. I know I didn't.

    I think slicing is starting to lose it's luster. I've maxed it out to 400, and made a good amount of money, but I'm not making much money off it anymore. Most missions are barely breaking even, or even losing money. Maybe it's just bad luck, I don't know. But I'm constantly getting small cases now, with only around 1500 credits in them. Not a very good return, imho.

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    You don't need any underworld metals to level cyber at all. However, they are used in some of the "better" stuff, like blue and purple ship upgrades and all droid parts. But slicing is just too goo while leveling at the moment. Whether you never miss sending your companions out on missions or just do it when you remember, it's a fantastic supplement to your credits. You can always change out of slicing at 50.

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