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    Almost everyone has the Insane? I don't agree with that assessment at all, I think it's just your perception. True, there'll be an increased number of people with the title as more time passes and more people get a chance to finish it, as well as with the removal of the Shen'dralar (I wish Blizzard would put them back in; my unfinished reputation mocks me) and the Darkmoon Faire rep being soloable now for people who don't mind waiting months or however long to max it out, but let's face it:

    It's the Bloodsail Buccaneers that were always the biggest stumbling block for players, because they involved wrecking four reps. The people who went and did that anyway were the sort of people who would have done Insane regardless.
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    Rep grind is fine. Achievements are suposed to be achievements, not handouts.

    Btw, i got Justicar on my Warrior and i never played him in Vanilla or BC, took me about a year and a half to get it during WoLTk (was doing it part-time). Its long, but whats the hurry to get it anyway? I'm doing it again on my current main btw, i like pvp so doesn't feel like a grind to me, if thats the case for you, might as well just forget about it.

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    As human with guildrep, it would take 334 wsg wins with 3 flags captured.
    Not sure how you guys think about that, but since I only have 31% winratio in wsg, this is a really really long and insane grind seeing how most battles take 25min to complete..

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    Just give 40 free achievement points to the lazy whiners so everyone is happy.

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    God forbid something in this game is staying "difficult".

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    It's not that bad tbh. I've been playing my main since vanilla and got WSG veteran a few days ago, my rep at that time was about 1k into revered. Then I noticed it was WSG weekend so I spammed WSGs up till now and I gathered around 3k rep in 2 days! And I'm not even winning all of them. With a bit of luck I should be able to get another 3k in the coming 2 days, so that's 6k rep in one WSG weekend. Yes it'll take a few more weekends probably, but it's nowhere near undoable.

    If I can give you a tip: Just try to get some people to join you. I know you can be 5 max, but trust me, if you have 4 capable pvpers at your side you will win 90% of the time (for me at least).

    Good luck and happy farming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heathern View Post
    God forbid something in this game is staying "difficult".
    Rep grinding is not difficult.

    Only gaining rep threw flag caps is just plain annoying.
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