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    But with how much he spammed PoH it's very safe to say the majority of Divine Aegis came from PoH (Which doesn't need to crit to put it up)
    If you are gonna play that game, then add Illuminated Healing. PoH did 3.3million healing. Holy Radiance did 4.5 million healing.

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    Seriously...WoW's playerbase needs to learn how to use logs better >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aethertheshaman View Post
    Seriously...WoW's playerbase needs to learn how to use logs better >.>
    Playerbase also needs to learn how to play better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afflictid View Post
    Why should spamming ONE spell allow them to do more throughput than anyone else?
    arcane mages say hi...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigilancy View Post
    arcane mages say hi...
    Fire says "I beat arcane mages"

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    I think people actually are missing the issue with holy radiance. The problem really ISN'T HR itself. Yes, it's extremely powerful, but if used too much, the pally will eventually run out of mana - making it comparable to PoH in that regard. What makes HR so strong is the guaranteed Holy Power generation it gives with talents. That means that you can cast HR 3 times and then hit everyone with a Light of Dawn, which does an absurd amount of healing and costs no mana. HR looks like the problem because it ends up doing the most total healing, but if you weren't getting HP every cast, you'd go oom. LOD does more healing on a per cast basis (especially when you consider how much of it gets transferred through Beacon to the tank) and again, costs NO mana. They should not have added in that extra HP generation, or at least only given it a chance of proccing. That would have forced the paladin to make tougher choices with respect to mana, added some variability to the healing "rotation" we have now, and yet also wouldn't have neutered our ability to go balls out AOE healing in situations that require it (the end of fights, for instance, when you can just empty your mana bar).

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    Woah woah woah let's not devalue my stellar eHPS and Smiting abilities. I did 2,712,284 Dmg to Hagara and the pylons, spot-healed and Pain Supped the Tank during Focused assault, spammed the dickens out of PoH (with AA up) during the Frost and Lightning w/ the occasional Bubble for Rapture. I'm not a mindless PoH robot and you sir whoever you are that I don't feel like quoting ARE A BUFFOON! I've raided on 3 Healers as my main over the course of my time on Wow, that's better credentials than "I have a Priest and Druid alt". Please stop spouting nonsensical whishy-washy babble rabble. Don't tell me a #2 Disc Rank on Heroic Hagara was simply due to mindless PoH, it makes you look like a fool and a prime example of the typical MMO-Champ poster. /end thread! Also Blizzard made my change my name from "Itsbrtnybtch" woulda been sweeeeet to have that on a log ranking

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