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    Anyone seeing an improvement to this yet? hopefully this it isn't designed this way

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    Quote Originally Posted by billtimbob View Post
    This is why I rolled a melee class for release. The casting mechanics are ridiculously clunky.
    I think the melee feels just as clunky tbh, the animations in combat leaves a lot to be desired.

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    Same, and the fact that Snipers are so much like WoW's Hunters (a class I stopped playing) (Steady Shot = Snipe, Aimed Shot = Ambush ?) I have at level 25 realized that it isn't my cup of tea. So I am currently rerolling a Operative as I am very much in love with the story and want to see if I can salvage something from the 42 hours I have played as a IA.

    And the clunkyness really has got to me, sometimes in PvP I stand there doing nothing for several seconds because my character isn't responding, annoying as hell.

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    There is definitely something wrong with casttime abilities and it has nothing to do with lag because it happens ALL the time. On my Vanguard every ability with a castbar (good thing is I have only two) is broken and doesn't do its damage at the right moment.

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    Yea, I kinda got used to it now and it's not soo bad. What gets me is when casts just decide not to fire at all lol

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    Do all PvP'ers set their queue to 0 or is that a just for snipers thing?

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    if you figure out how to manipulate the fact that it lags the casts on ambush you can get your ambush and snipe to hit at the same time and do some wicked burst

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    It's a bit clunky at the moment, but all in due time my friends. The game is not even a week old. Fixes will come. You can't expect it to be as fine tuned as a 7 yr old MMO is.

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