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    389 Resto/Boom LF Oceanic Raiding Guild

    Hi All!

    Just posting this up for a mate:

    iLevel 389 Resto druid (Boom off, prepared to switch to main if required), looking for a solid Oceanic raiding guild (Located on the east coast of Aus). Ex-Casual Guild raid leader to 4/7 Heroic FL, good knowledge of the game having played since early - mid wrath.

    Can raid most days for several hours a night - may be subject to change depending on new job.

    Prepared to Server / Faction Xfer, if you are looking for a dedicated healer / boomkin that always strives to give it his all send me a PM of your guild website or leave it in the comments section below and I'll throw an app up.

    Please note I am looking to step my game up, I don't want to be in a casual guild - Softcore - Hardcore progression preferred (I'd like to progress with the guild through the majority of each tier's content).

    Thanks all!
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    Hey mate my Guild Hand fish Society (17th on Frostmourne) Just split up my core team has just created a new guild and we are starting from Scratch we are 8/8 and moving onto Heroics we got Morchok to 16% 2nd try but we called it too do a 8/8 as Christmas was Sunday. We are looking for a fulltime Boomkin for 7.30GT to 10.30GT Thursdays and Sundays and Mondays if we feel we can push some more heroic bosses depending how Sunday went. Post me in game we play on Frostmourne Server HORDE! Pst Me on this or on Nukems/Kuror/Iceplague.

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    Hey man! We are looking for a resto druid at the moment to push through hard mode progression. We are 1/8HM atm and planning to hit the hard modes quick now that our Christmas break is over. We are located on Thaurissan horde.

    Here's a link to our thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...M-(LF-R-Druid)

    If you want to add my Real ID for a chat that would be great: [email protected]

    Hope to talk soon!

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    u r dump ;`)
    Check out Attrition @ http://attritionfm.enjin.com/ — we're currently 1/8H, working on Yor'sahj. We have a flexible core of about 12 raiders and are looking for a Moonkin Druid to bring to raids. You'll have a fulltime position and be subbed out very minimally (unless your class sucks the balls for certain encounters, see: never!)

    We are 10 man.
    We raid from 7:30pm to 11:00pm AEST, GMT+10.
    We use Mumble, not Ventrilo. Lower latency, faster communication = more successful raids.
    We are located on US-Frostmourne. Populated server = recruitment pool never dry = plethora of applicants.

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    Hey, there! I'm looking to start a new raiding group from the ground up. If you'd be interested in something like that, let me know!



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    We're in the market for a resto druid atm. Not sure if our times suit you. We raid Sat and Sun 3.30-6.30pm.
    Currently working on Heroics.

    You can check out our Guild website at: http://mischiefus.shivtr.com/ to apply

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    Hello Mate,
    Not sure if you are still looking for a guild. But Ascetic is a fun raiding guild looking for a dedicated Boomkin raider for hard mode progression. If you are interested please head down to asceticguild.shivtr.com or PM me more info.
    We raid on Thu & Mon 8-11pm server time.

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