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    12-21-12 !!! A Year Today?

    Your Predictions for today next year?

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    It'll be a Friday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthaxx View Post
    It'll be a Friday.
    I'm gonna take his word for it.
    The earth is not a cold dead place

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    It'll be cold with a chance of snow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthaxx View Post
    It'll be a Friday.
    Hard to deny the facts.

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    will be like any other 21st of desember every year... 3 days from opening up presents and best food of the year... end of the world predictions are retarded, so are the people that believe in them.

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    well be playing pandaren monks by then

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    Will be like any other day. Except for the chunk of idiots that think the world gonna end because the Mayans ran out of room on their stone calender.

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    We'll be balls-deep in Mists of Pandaria.

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    Will be playing WoW, A bird will fly next to my window as I wave "Hello" to it. Go and make me some fresh coffee and start the day off with some dailys. yeah.. its going to be a good day that day.

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    Around 60,000,000 people will have died by then.

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    I'll be busily leveling all classes to 90, If i haven't done that already. Then I'll go to bed wake up the next morning and troll every one who thought the world was going to end. I'm not looking forward to the server chats on the day before and after. This will be the 22nd for me, not the 21st.
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    I'm going to surf the net for amusing people.

    Porn, there I said it.

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    I'll be waiting in line for the midnight release of Assassin's Creed 3. Well, they haven't confirmed that's the release date, but they did say next year, and there's so many references to that date in the games I just sort of expect them to do it. Imma be pissed if the world does end that day though, I won't have enough time to finish AC3.
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    If Goku's power level increases at the same rate till the end of DBGT as it does till the end of the Frieza saga, as a SS4 Goku would have a PL of roughly 939 Quinoctogintillion. For reference that is a 260 digit number. A PL of 14,600 is required to destroy an earth sized planet. There are about 2 nonillion earths worth of mass in the universe. That means SS4 Goku can destroy the universe about 32 Octosexagintillion times over. There's a reason they made Goku a god at the end of GT.

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    Did the Mayans account for leap years ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Zait- View Post
    Will be like any other day. Except for the chunk of idiots that think the world gonna end because the Mayans ran out of room on their stone calender.
    this and also the one about cold & chance of snow. :P

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    We will find out that the Stargate is real, and that roswell was just a drunk asguard who crash landed.

    Also, earth only has 3 das left! And bananas...

    ....or.... ?_?

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    I'll probably wake up and have a bagel for breakfast, maybe a cup of coffee. Do some artwork, enjoy browsing various internet websites and since it's a Friday, I'll probably go to the gym too. I'll do what ever it is I normally do on days when the world is supposed to end.

    While I hate to link to Wikipedia..., this happens to be a decently comprehensive list of dates predicted for the end of the world. I for one have lived through 26 already, and that makes me feel like a champ. I'll add another onto that next year.
    I sold out 4 years ago, when I sold to Major League Gaming. And I think you're a troll.
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    I translated ancient texts and have found a subtle mistake everyone has made. It says the end of the World...of Warcra.... Of course, the rest of it has eroded with time.

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    Knowing North Texas, it'll either be wet and cold or dry and cold. Watch people, I'm on to something!

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