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    Quote Originally Posted by ag666 View Post
    0:00am GMT obviously
    Then all the countries in GMT-1 and less will have their world end on the 20th. Makes no sense.
    things worked out better than we had planned • now everything's ruined, yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    Then all the countries in GMT-1 and less will have their world end on the 20th. Makes no sense.
    But on the other hand they will be the last to die - paradox of timezones.

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    I have a feeling I'll be a year older.

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    I don't care if the world ends or not. Diablo 3 comes out before that so I will be fulfilled enough for a couple of lifetimes
    Then he fapped to his own pseudo-intellectualism and no one ever loved him. Ever.

    The End

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    My predictions? People will sing happy birthday to me on my 23rd birthday (12/21/12!) I will have cake, the day will pass like any other birthday and we will all be around to celebrate the new year a few days later.

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    The world will continue on as usually minus the few thousands people who will be in mass hysteria. I will most likely be lying in my pool, while listening to people freak out. I plan not to go out after the 21st since all the shops will be packed since everyone believed they would die and didn't do Christmas shopping.

    I agree with the if it ever actually happens will it all happen at the same time or hit NZ and move through Aus next going around the world.

    And i do remember reading an article that the could be anywhere between a day and 1000 years off or something similar. Plus its not the end of the world its a "new" beginning. My predictions the stock market will crash again or be restored.

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    I will spontaneously combust.

    Or, I will be eating some kind of christmas themed dessert.

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    That it'll rain like usual in good old Ireland .

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifematters View Post
    Cthulu rises from the ocean and destroys mankind.
    cthulhu fhtagn!!!!!!!!!

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