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    Disc: Which one of these weapons should I use?

    I got two weapons from DS this week, unfortunately neither are catered to healing (no Maw =[)

    Which combination should I use?

    1. H Chelley's Sterilized Scalpel + H Goblet of Anger: Current choice for healing
    2. Lightning Rod (Normal, hit/haste): Minor int increase (28 in) and haste increase, but 180 stats go to waste from the hit. I reforged the hit to mastery (for Shadow) and I'm sitting at a comfortable amount of spirit still with the hit.
    3. Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind (Normal) + H Goblet of Anger: Same int upgrade as the Lightning Rod, but more spellpower. Sacrifices some secondary stats.

    I'm sort of just sick of my old weapon set and haven't gotten an upgrade in months for healing. Should I just stick with 1?

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    Kind of even. I'd probably go with the staff so i could transmog it into something nice, lol

    HC Chelley + HC Goblet
    493 int (including OH enchant)
    596 green/spirit

    516 int
    439 green/spirit (not including hit)
    +150 spellpower
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    I'd say that the choices are pretty close.
    The lightning Rod is of course wasting a lot of stats. I would value Chelley's HC above it, since you have a decent offhand.
    Rathrak is probably even better that Chelley's, since spellpower beats any secondary stat. But again, it's not by much.

    Personally, I'd just opt for style at this point. And that means a staff :P
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