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    Yeah just this! Sadly most of the western countries have not yet realized how important internet is to the future and this future has already begun. If i think at my ping when playing games like wow and watching this shammy in the video I get really mad. Fast internet is important not only to gamers also to guys like me who work heavily on the computer and need to have really quick inet !!
    Allllllright I gotta call BS on this one. I spend quite a few hours a week at work querying large online databases. The idea that 5ms pings are in any way PRACTICALLY superior to 100MS pings in ANYTHING but gaming is a bit laughable. I mean really... think about it logically for a minute.

    OT: Apologies for assuming you exploited SLT! It's not so much a fanboi/regional issue, as it is that I've been conditioned to expect the worst in people. Happy I was wrong, and gratz on the kill. The people talking on vent sounded like they had ice flowing through their veins.
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    I mean really... think about it logically for a minute.
    Well, download speed would be important if one's work required downloading stuff. Fewer dropped packets would be handy if working as an online troubleshooter too.

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    What the fuck are you talking about?

    It's because their country isn't retarded and realised the value of the internet to modern society, and they also aren't bent over backwards by telecom and cable companies looking to make more money every year while providing less service.

    They get 50Mbit Down AND up for cheaper than an American gets 10Mbit down, 1Mbit up.

    Welcome to country standard fiber optic internet. I guess here in North America we just enjoy our copper cabling too much.
    Which is sadly the reason a free market society like the US is beginning to fall behind. Too many things in this country are entrenched and need to be changed to progress as a society, but this is where big business is a bad thing. Cable doesn't want to spend the money to upgrade and make things better when they can just get away with less and continue to raise rates.

    Car companies and going to electric or more efficient engines has been slow because the big companies and oil companies don't want to lose money.

    Health care is a joke because insurance companies hold everything back because they raise rates so much.

    Now I'm not advocating a return to Mother Russia, but seriously, some things have got to change.

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    An unsurprising, tired excuse for not even thinking outside the box with dailies. More interesting content doesn't have to be something other than dailies, but if the nature of the dailies is more varied, they each become more interesting and repeatable. Firelands is a bland and ugly place to play in. Give me end-game dailies in other parts of Azeroth that all reward a less-specific currency, and I might have stayed interested in the game. As it is, their rewards don't come anywhere near close to an assembly line worker being paid $100k.

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    Great video! Puts a smile on my face to hear the good talk of mages and rogues since we all get batted on in pvp about our OPness lol

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