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    Another weapon choice and spec thread.

    Greetings fellow deathknights.

    As we know, unholy is the go to spec for patchwerks this patch, however now we have heroic morchok on farm, certain axes have started falling in my hands.

    So i now have the choice between normal mode Ataraxis, Cudgel of the Warmaster for unholy and heroic Hand of Morchok & firelands heroic Obsidum Cleaver for frost.
    I have yet to get lucky with Deathwing's weapons although I suppose that's the second question; might Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps normal or raid finder version be better than my frost weapon options?

    Which spec would be best considering my weapon choices do you think?

    Thanks for your time in replying.

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    1) Go Frost.
    2) UH with normal Gurthalak ~= Frost with HM HoM

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    Thank you for your opinion kind sir.

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