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    Exactly, the Church was a corrupt entity, specially in the Middle Ages. That's part of the reason why some separated and formed the different Protestant religions.
    In the end a Catholic is as much a Christian as a Protestant or an Eastern Orthodox.

    JW are on a different category. They will rather let a loved one die than give them a blood transfusion. That is just beyond fucked up if you ask me.
    Actually, there is a reason for this. They believe that your blood is your soul, and to take in the soul of another is wrong. There are ways around this though, there is artificial plasma they can use as an alternative. Jehovah's Witness's are few in numbers compared to Catholics, so their teachings and beliefs are not so widely known. I would suggest researching them before making assumptions based upon blind prejudice that gets spread by the unknowing.

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    The only reason Catholics put those things forward Donax, was to acertain their power in the society. It might appear central but try to consider it like a perk of Catholicism and not what it is about.

    Also, since when are Jehobah's witnesses considered Christians? They re virtually a different religion for me, at least the way they go around here.
    I know this I'm just saying I could see how people would think they are different religions. Wasn't justifying it just pointing out where the misconception could happen.

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    Christianity isn't a religion. It's a group of religions, any religion who believes in Jesus Christ as the messiah is a Christian religion.
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    I'm going to close this. Religious discussion is not allowed on the forums.

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