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    T12- 4p

    Has anyone ran any numbers on when it is a gain in HPS to break up the T12 4p? I have a ton of items (non T13) that have way more int, but I have been told that it will be a overall lose in HPS if i dont wait for 4p T13 (which might be ok??). I know the T12- 4p is a random proc but it seems to always do a TON of healing for me. I am sure someone has ran the numbers. I am not worried about Regen, just pure HPS.

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    My logs tended to be ~1k HPS from the proc as disc, though I'm not exactly sure where the breakpoint on static int from 397's (and secondary stats) would outpace that. It's probably dynamic in that it would depend on fight length (# of t12 4set procs) and spell usage to determine the hps value of your other secondary statistics (and your stat weights)

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    well, i think it depends on if you have heroic t12 or not.

    Surely, the stat boosts from 397 gear is worth breaking up the 4pc. This is what I did and my hps went up roughly 2-3k hps. However, if you're rocking heroic t12, I'd think it's safe to say stay with it until your 4pc, especially if you dont have mana issues.

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