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    Getting Critical Hit as a Tank

    I was just tanking Dragon Soul Raid the first bosses thinking of nothing bad, then suddenly noticing quite often these shaking numbers at the incoming damage... naming the globules trash mobs and that lieutenant before hagara hitting me for 120k critical resulting in my death. So I don't know whats wrong I skilled imp. blood presence for crit immunity and i am nearly convinced that i had not forgotten to switch it on because then thread issues may have occurred on the previous boss fights/trash pulls. So is this just a bug or am i missing something here?

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    Armory link would help.

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    If you check the death knight forums on the official site you'll see there's a few dk's with the same issue, apparently imp blood presence is bugged and the work around they found was to swap presences upon zoning into places

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    yeah ok I thought something like that and respecced, would just be bad not noticing this issue and then trying to tank zo'nozz or other hard hitters...

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    Please do a search before posting. There are a good 10 threads about this bug from the 4.3 patch.

    Short answer: respec & switch presences and the bug goes away

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