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    Tank runes

    This is something I've always found interesting. Anyways specifically I'm curious about the new % hp runes. Are they worth it? and if so, what is your justification?

    Usually I'll play rammus or amumu when I tank though I also like to tank with galio and supporty-tank with nunu and alistar. I've been doing the aura build lately somehow I end up with about 3k hp at level 18 on most champs. I'm interested in how the % hp runes could be effective without just building 6 warmogs and calling it a build. So what are your thoughts on them?

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    From what I recall, the %hp runes start becoming effective around 4k health or thereabouts.

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    So for most tanks they won't be to effective ever. I don't really get more thank 3k hp unless they decide to be all AD and I can get the HP armor items or something silly like that.

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