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    Quote Originally Posted by Vand3tz View Post
    Nah, we still have melee running around, we just have healers and ranged in the middle for stacked heals + easy multidotting, goes alot faster than running around
    We tear through the phase at the same speed regardless. Staying in the water bubble just prevents more risk of people dying to avoidable shit. I'm with you on that it's great for hps, but after having done both methods it really is impractical. I secretly wish we still did it so I could crush the charts, but there will forever be a huge discrepancy between healing in the two strats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vand3tz View Post

    also video of said strategy, feat. angry raid leader/officers
    have a few swedes in your group I hear?

    OT: As mentioned, hymn as holy is great on just that very fight nowdays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eErike View Post
    have a few swedes in your group I hear?
    3, and they're all pissed off!
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    I personally go Holy for this fight (Dual specced Disc/Holy, with a pretty strong preference to Disc, the spec I know and love). Divine Hymn is a ludicrously strong CD now, and really, Body & Soul helps a lot during progression as well for Ice phase (As much as I wish the speed boost was not necessary, it invariably is, so, at the end of the day, the talent is useful to us). Disc is by no means a bad option for this, but the again, it all depends on how strong your healer companion is. In my own case, I'm always the stronger healer - I never get outhealed, by anybody. Whether by class or skill differences, this usually leads to me carrying the heavy healing phases - and as such Holy is a good way to go for me. I'm more needed for the up-front heavy healing (Holy) than the finer details of it (Disc). Both specs can pull great numbers on this, but they provide substantially different kinds of healing; which one is more beneficial to you is up to your healing compantion, your raid, and your own ability to play either spec.

    Imo, as always.
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