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    First LFD heroic

    I healed my first heroic in LFD, a big difference from healing normal 5 mans. Halls of Origination was not easy to heal in normal, on heroic I was poping Divine Hymn on every other boss. I oomed for the first time...when we were downing Rajh.

    It's expecially tough when you don't get time to mana up after every boss. Toons got one shotted a couple of times. It was quite stressful. This is my first healer, leveled up holy 20-85 healing in LFD this month.


    I thought I was doing pretty well healing but this was a wake up call, maybe holy is not for me... I usually try to run over geared but that has been harder to do since I hit 85. I haven't even tried a raid yet and I'm nervous to try another heroic 5 man.

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    T11 heroics aren't hard anymore, if people are taking tons of damage than it's either the tank being undergeared or the DPS standing in fire.

    Though I did notice that none of your gear is reforged, this is a problem. Also you don't have a meta gem. And your spec is wrong (somewhat). Read the sticky and reforge/respec.
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    You should enjoy it! While it's challenging, it's also very rewarding. I mean, in a dungeon something goes terribly wrong and there is way too many mobs running around, and yet somehow you manage to heal through it, its' a nice feeling you get there.

    To make your life easier, you should prioritise getting gear with both spirit and haste in it. Crit is not useful. Use Shadowfiend around 70-80% mana (and time it with power torrent enchant proc) and Manahymn when needed.

    Get Potion of Concentrations and learn how to time their usage correctly (since you have alchemist stone it return nice amount of mana).

    You should respec your talent tree to something like this: us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent-calculator#Xc01!Yd!SQheeahWYTd!jg!ZcdWTklNn (new heavenly voice talent is awsum)

    Use lightwell on bossfights and tell people to click it. (if they are standing next to lightwell and taking small damage, let them die if you have told your group to use it, they will learn, eventually)

    And if you need a manabreak, you should ask for it. If your group is in such a hurry they dont have time for healer to get mana back, it's their problem.

    There is my few tips i could think of. I just switched to Holy from Disc few weeks back and i have played disc since... i started my priest somewhere in late tbc.

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    You gear is bad, the step from normal to heroic dungeon is still pretty big. Once the gear gets a bit better you'll do much better.

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    Unfortunately at this moment, the old cata heroics are filled with undergeared alts and casuals. Any "decent" character would realise the fastest way to gear up is to buy 377 PvP blues and join the new heroics.

    I would say you should do the same, once you get the ilvl requirement for new heroics, you'll find that healing groups there is a lot easier.

    I joined an old dungeon heroic just for fun on my priest (ilvl 388), I found it was more challenging than healing normal DS simply because the group had no idea how to avoid/mitigate damage. I ended the run with about 19K HPS. Whereas in the new heroics, you'll be lucky to have to do more than 10K HPS on average.

    That being said, you should take the opportunity of doing 5 mans to gradually learn how to use your class at the same time as gearing up.

    Good luck.

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    you may want to reforge to spirit and invest in meta gem. one of fast ways to gear chars is to spam bgs during certain bg weekend (ofc depends on server, for me on aliance side its best to do avs) and buy justice points for honor.

    as for your talents, 2/2 in heavenly voice might be worth dropping, for example, a point in darkness

    as for your glyphs, glyph of pw:s - rings a warning bell, do you use a lot of shields as holy?

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    Best solution: buy good gear at the AH, then repeat.

    Normal solution: gear into Spirit more.

    Also, check your talents/glyphs/enchants/etc. if they're optimal. Guides:
    http://manaflask.com/en/guide/248/ (Holy)
    http://manaflask.com/en/guide/249/ (Disc)
    http://elitistjerks.com/f77/t127522-...st_compendium/ (Disc)

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    I had issues on my priest too until she got into the mid 340s for ilvl. Then the cata heroics were easy, and the Zandalaris were fairly difficult until the mid 350s for ilvl.

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    Fast track your gear:
    - Get some 390 pvp gear, get stuff with spirit on it. It's roughly the EP equivalent of 359 pve gear. It will also help get your ilevel up.
    - Once your ilevel is high enough, queue for twilight heroics as DPS. The quest chain through the 3 heroics will get you a number of 378 spirit cloth rewards, and you'll hopefully get some drops on the way.

    Ta-Da! You have enough holy gear to hold your own and can get back to healing.

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    You would benefit from correct gemming and enchants on your gear.

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    Thanks for all your information and advice. I love this priest forum, so nice and helpful. Can't believe I only put one point into heavenly voice. I was being cheap with some enchants and gems, and waiting for better gear.

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