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    They did say that if you spec all in dps incr moves in your tree will be equilivantly pure dps. As for no damage meters, they stated that in next patch your can use you can use third party programs to see your damage outside of game. We are also gonna get a boss dummies to practice damage on. Personally, I can't wait to try the dummies for rotation and my keyboard macros.

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    As per the OP, it's hard to say because at the moment we have no real meters. Though, in typical MMO fashion, PvE seems to lean toward ranged classes more than melee in almost every fight.

    As per the hybrid tax debate that has erupted since the OP, in PvE I do believe in almost all scenarios that classes should be equal. I do know, however, that as a 50 Gunslinger I hate that on Nightmare Soa that I can't help heal the raid as we hop down platforms. Again this is only one scenario out of the entire raiding scene at the moment and the extra heals usually aren't needed, but the point remains.

    In PvP, the gap is huge between pure dps and hybrids. I can't tell you how many times(again as a 50 Gunslinger spec'd Dirty Fighting) I've had dps hybrids cleanse off my DoTs and I'm down 40 energy with nothing to show for it, with my Shrap Bomb on a 18 second cooldown and my Wounding Shots totally ineffective with no DoTs up. I also can't tell you how many times I've had a hybrid healer LoS me and heal themselves back up, as ineffective as off-spec heals are claimed to be. While this might not be the case with the highly mobile Sentinel/Marauder, it is definitely an issue with the highly immobile Gunslinger/Sniper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vrachara View Post
    1) It's not in TOR
    2) I played a Frost Mage and a Feral Druid in TBC (both Cat and Bear) and kicked ass with both despite them being ridiculously looked down on specs.

    Skill>class imbalance for the most part. The differences are in the 5%, the difference you can make with skill are ridiculously higher than that, even in a completely hardcore environment.

    OT: Without combat logs, I'll doubt you'll get a real answer.
    Until logs are in game its all just guess work for sure.

    As far as skill being greater then class weaknesses that only goes so far. If it didnt you wouldn't see the same comps in over 1/2 of the top ranked teams or resto shammys being on something like 75% of the top 100 teams last season.
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    At the moment I have a 50 Vanguard and a 50 Gunslinger, both in comparable raid gear. I have tried almost all specs possible for both of them.

    I can say that it SEEMS the Gunslinger is doing more damage on static boss fights. The overall output of Speedshot, Aimed Shot, Trickshot and Sabotage Charge is higher on a GCD basis than the Vanguard staples. BUT on mobile fights or fights that take me out of cover, the Vanguard has the clear upper hand. To give an anecdotal example, I can do around 25-40k damage in 10 second window WITHOUT blowing all my energy (obviously dependent on crits) on my Gunslinger, while at the same time I lack that burst on my Vanguard (maybe 20k if I am lucky with crits). The Vanguard is more steady going though and has better defensive cds in case shit hits the fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VincentWolf View Post
    Ive heard few times, and I'd be REALLY disappointed if it's not true, that there is NO hybrid tax in swtor. Any class has a potential to be the best. I theoretically have a healing spec on my Commando, but there's no way in hell I'm ever going to use that and I don't want to lose dps because of that. One of many reasons why I quit WoW in the end was a hybrid tax on my warrior (which was a purely only dps, never tanking a single fight in more than 2 years of hardcore raiding).
    WHAT? Hybrid tax on a Warrior? Warrs are one of the strongest if not the strongest melee classes right now in WoW!, provided you can play your toon properly!

    On Topic: Play the class you enjoy playing, there are no meters or parses to single out top dps and as others have said, what is top dps today could be mediocre tomorrow! Play the class that fits your preferred playstyle!

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    Every class is a hybrid. *Every class can fill a DPS and a healer or tank role. *Hybrid tax is irrelevant in SWTOR.

    As for damage, I wouldn't want to hazard a guess. *Just play what you like and worry about maxing a meter in WoW.

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    provided you can play your toon properly!
    i laugh at people who cant play a warrior properly.its gotta be tough to be that stupid

    and as far as the combat logs that are coming,i heard it only shows your dps.but hell,what with ive heard in terms of classes people have already made up there mind on what classes suck and what classes are good so its pretty much to late

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