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    Show Sith Corruption

    Is there a way to make it stay off permanently? I turn it off but every time I restart or enter a new zone it turns back on and makes my character ugly.

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    Roll Republic, pick light side choices, or go home......j/k.

    Sounds like a bug, once you click it off it should stay permanently off like show helm option. I would report it and give it time, should be fixed eventually.

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    I figured it was a bug. I just turn it off since my character looks sickly with it turned on. I did do repubilc for a bit but the imperial side quests are a lot more entertaining

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    Personally, I think it looks cool. Here's this dark, sickly looking guy coming to totally pwn you!! Makes me feel more evil too.

    I agree with you on Republic side though. I played Rep in beta so as not to ruin story for myself, and yeah, too cut and dry, this is right, this is wrong, not really entertaining. Even playing light side on Empire is way more fun.........Um, I mean Roll Dark Side Empire or go home!!!

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    The shadows on my game turn themselves back on EVERY time I enter a zone as well. It's kinda awful. I turn them off so that I don't lag since the shadow quality in the game is terrible anyways, but it never stays for more than 5 mins because of how often you go through loading screens in this game.

    *EDIT* I realize that was slightly off topic, just saying that my settings do seem to revert after every loading screen as well!

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    Hmmm, none of my settings revert. Just curious what OS are you running? I know I have a problem in Vista that prevents Vent from working unless I run as admin because SWTOR is running as admin by default. Maybe in other versions of windows it is not, and is therefore unable to save settings? Try running SWTOR as Admin maybe? Not sure here, but at least worth a try I guess.

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