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    Frost Deathknight PvE: Dual-wielding or 2-Handed?

    Ok so, i recently rerolled a frost deathknight on a new server making a guild with some friends but...
    I don't know if it's best to go 2-Handed or Dual-wield.
    Because right now with my recently level 85 gear i crit 30k or so with Oblit but having dual wield would lead to about 50k crits?
    What's your thoughts about this guys?

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    Im pretty sure DW is better, go have a look at EJ

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    DW for PvE, 2h for PvP.

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    Dual Wield is the way to go with Frost PvE.

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    DW is far enough ahead to notice the difference, but 2H isnt totally rubbish. If you are looking for max dps in pve then DW all the way. If you are doing content that you know you dont have to put out 100% on though, you can try 2H if you want to see how it plays.
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    I'm going to switch to DW then because we are going to get more serious about our rading so i guess every bit of dps helps i used to play DW on another DK in wotlk.

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    It actually depends on your weapon. If you're comparing a 2h weapon to two 1h weapons and all 3 are the same item level then the two 1h weapons are almost certainly going to have a higher damage output. However, I had a terrible time upgrading my 1h weapons but got a 378 2h weapon almost immediately and saw an increase in my DPS from two 1h weapons.
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    If for some reason you found yourself sporting a two hander that was leagues above your two one handers, then you should probably just consider going Unholy.

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    DW without a doubt, gotta love that yummy dps.

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    No doubt DW is ahead as frost (pve)

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    So, basically i have a 2-hander from Echo Of Baine but i'm farming for 2 378 one handers so... wish me luck

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    By miles it would be dual wield. Frost DKS are all about Killing machine procc's and being able to hit faster + more often grants more procc's. 2Handed frost really isn't viable tbh.

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