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    leveling from 83 to 85

    Hey guys,

    I decided to get my Death-knight active again and he's getting transfered from my old realm to be new realm as i write this,

    The thing is: i'm currently level 83 and 25% and i'm full rested, I have no idea what the best leveling specc is nowadays, and what the best way to level is, Keep in mind that i'm fully rested and ready to get some farming going on if needed.

    So the question is:
    What is the best way to level with my given information? Quest or tank dungeons alot?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

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    id go unholy - most fun, easiest to solo with and just totally awesome

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    The upside of leveling Unholy is that it only requires one good weapon, whereas Frost requires two. If you are gunna raid 25m's, play whichever spec you want. If you're doing 10man, I'd suggest leveling as the spec you'd be utilizing in that raid group. Frost provides Physical Damage taken and melee haste; Unholy provides Spell Damage taken and has a very nice raid damage absorbtion cooldown.

    Unholy has more to be aware of compared to Frost, but both specs are viable at 85 end-tier raiding. So the answer is do whatever you like. I always enjoyed queueing for dungeons as dps and questing during my 25minute queue times. Killed 2 birds with one stone, plus the dungeon gear helps to zoom through levels faster.

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