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    Protection PVP

    Is there any guide/spec???

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    A match of AV would really be the only place where their would be any call for it.

    Even then a prot paladin would be very sub par vs a feral druid, blood DK or even a prot warrior.

    Though if your doing randoms with scrubs it can be hilarious to watch multiple melee try to kill you at once & fail to do so, however other then that it just doesn't work.

    However if you really need a spec then try for the last 7 talents you could use protector of the innocent x3, arbiter of the light x2 & last word x 2 for a strong support build or improved judgment x2, rule of law x3 and either pursuit of justice x2 or eye for an eye x2.
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    It is a very fun playstyle, altho you really don't get the burst that ret does unless you are getting tagged full time.

    The amount of caster control prot has is insane. Get Glyph of Dazing Shield, hotkey Rebuke, and if you are a Belf you also have the racial.

    It really is fun in random BGs. It is easy to get a scrub tagging you to keep your Vengence up. You make a decent FC with enough resil (im sitting just a hair over 4.5k, and can survive about 3 on me)

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