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    should i trade investigation for slicing?

    ive heard slicing makes tons of credits

    and i havent had alot of benefit from investigation

    should i drop investigation for slicing?

    im also armstech and scavenging

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    well i was Bioanalysis and biochem and Diplomacy and just dropped diplomacy for Slicing so yea i guess

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    No Body knows really- Slicing gives you a Good creds income at higher levels, But you never know investigation might bring back very rare mats that cost shit loads in the later game

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    Like MorTvicR said, as of right now you can make a fairly decent amount with Slicing, but I'm assuming when there are more people at max level looking to gear themselves out, some of the rare mats you get from other professions might jump ahead. I guess we will find out in the near future.
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