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    How well would this Desktop run SWTOR?

    OS: Windows 7 premium 64 bit
    CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 quad-core processor with Turbo-Boost [up to 3.8GHz, 8MB cache]
    RAM:8GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs] (thinking of bumping this up to 10gigs for only about 50$ more)
    HARD DRIVE:2TB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive

    Mostly worried about the video card with these specs

    any estimations on the FPS I'd be able to achieve with these specs?

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    Honestly, I have a crap graphics card and I run it at 40-50 fps, I would imagine you could have that at least on medium if not high.

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    things u might wanna get

    8GB (4GBx2) ram (this is 4gb a slot; fill two slots with 4gb and u get the dual channel speed increase, only upgrade with one slot of ram and it wont work duel channel)
    video card ( 560 or higher or ati equivalent)
    SSD hard drive 120gb (stick windows and SWTOR on this for supa fast loading)

    there upgrade paths u might take

    edit (game and windows takes up around 5GB ram)
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    Your video card is the only limiting factor. It is about equal performance to an 8800 GT, according to Tom's Hardware, which is a 4 year old card about.

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    You won't need anymore than 8gb of ram unless you are going to be doing some form of video editing/processing. Also, spend the extra cash and get the GTX 560 ti or grab a HD 6950.

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