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    Interesting Crew Skill Bug.

    So i was leveling diplomacy for the first time on one of my new chars, and decided to get my companion to go on a mission. Just after i sent him I switched over to my main. This is what I got.

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    Four crew skills? Talk about working day and night. If i click on the diplomacy tab, it just brings up my underground trading options and I can research like normal. The diplomacy tab is just there.... for some odd reason. Made me laugh anyway, wont go away either, even after a game restart.
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    Had something similar. I'd just arrived at imperial fleet and was hitting all the trainers for the codex's before deciding on something. When I talked to the Armormech trainer - I suddenly learned Underground Trading as well despite not having obtained the codex yet - but trying to use it just gave me a "Known profession." error. I decided on my profs at this point but it wouldn't let me unlearn UT so I could get the one I wanted.
    Talked to the UT trainer and the ability disappeared again and it's been normal since.

    Launch bugs are fun.
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