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    Why did you quit WoW?

    This thread is for those of you who quit WoW for Star Wars! So why did you quit WoW for Star Wars?
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    It's starwars, is there really any other option lol?

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    Yep, that pretty much just says it...
    And now you know!

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    Haha I didn't quit WoW for star wars if it helps you.

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    i didnt really quit WoW for SWTOR. i stopped playing WoW several several months ago due to the game running its course. it just isnt something me and my guild enjoyed anymore. some people went to Rift, some went the free to play route (World of Tanks) and some stopped playing mmos altogether.

    swtor is new, its something ive played for awhile (ive played the game since my beta invite in june) and something i forsee me and my guild playing for awhile.

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