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    Just got my old account back.

    Should I play my paladin Prot/Holy?

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    If that's how you wish to play it.

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    Just a wild suggestion, spec holy and prot and try them both!
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    Better Retribution or Holy.

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    I'm loving holy. And I used to hate holy. Holy radiance changes are awesome, and holy power works much better in holy than in ret. In ret it feels like a dumbed down version of kitty dps... get combo points, put up damage buff, use finishing moves (the same one over and over), refresh damage buff. With holy it feels more optional. I'm not shooting myself in the foot if I cast a few targeted heals before cashing in my holy power (depending on the fight that is).

    Haven't played prot.

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    I would definitely give holy a try.

    It's actually decent at raid healing now & is still good at main tank healing, however if you didn't play in TBC you will have to learn how to manage your mana unless you gear is extremely good.

    As for prot it's pretty similar to how it was in wrath, the only real difference is you have more CD's to manage & a decent self heal for use every 20 seconds or so.

    I wouldn't suggest ret though unless you like insane amounts of RNG & lots of down time until you reach firelands level gear with haste.
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