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    [Question]: Which Tanking class in SWTOR (Sith War/ Juggernaut/ Sith Assasin)

    Dear MMO-SWTOR Community,

    I believe the previous Thread has helped a lot of people considering it already has about 800 views. My question this time is regarding tanking. Which Tanks are played how, which ones are currently most in favour and how do they differentiate from each other?

    I understand that there are currently three classes that can tank:

    Bounty Hunter --> Powertech
    Sith Warrior --> Juggernaut
    Sith Inquisitor --> Assasin

    If all Beta Testers and currently more experienced players could describe which of the three classes is considered as mainly Tanking class it would be great.

    Thanks and a Happy Christmas,


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    Assassin tanking (up to level 30 at least) is similar to older Warcraft tanking. Basically, throw on a buff that increases your threat by a ton, then dps. Taunt if people are taking damage.

    My favorite thing about assassin tanks is all the life-steal they have. I often find that on single-target fights, I can go minutes at a time with no heals, and my groups don't need actual healers because I can just have a warrior get his Malavi Quinn out, and the companion healing is enough to keep me alive.

    Powertech looks really sick though. I might try that soon.

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    Bounty Hunter / Trooper clearly has it's advantages in AE-tanking and binding ranged mobs etc. (Mid-Range tank)

    As a healer i liked the jedi knight (sith warrior in your case) most, i had the feeling that they are the easiest ones to keep alive, but i've been told that they really have problems with mob-groups/ae-tanking

    shadows (assasin in your case) were by far the ones who were really hard to keep alive, and most of the mobs were roaming around - and this is, at the moment, the most played tanking class (but maybe i always had to heal the bad ones )

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    i have an 39 assasin and stoped its kind of a papper tank for the start and hell i wanna raid and tank :|

    so i just rolled an juggernaut , light armor vs heavy armor ect...

    but hey who knows.. maybe assasin will rock but there are like 50% assassin on my server 3 out of 5 friends made casters that need the same stuff so hey i have time and i will go for an good old plate tank :P

    but i guess its too early yet to say what class will be good at what

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    Well after doing Hard Modes with both a Juggernaut and Assassin I can safely say Assassin's are far superior tanks to Juggernauts.

    Our assassin with the same level gear had nearly 17k HP Whilst our Juggernaut barely had 14k and that was alot less than our healer had . The healer was a Mercenary and we had no problems before with the assassin tanking but we needed a DPS so we took the Juggernaut and our Assassin went DPS and ye we wiped a few times on some really easy stuff. The juggernaut was taking some insane damage hits yet the Assassin just was taking damage quite normally.

    Threat with the Juggernaut also was an issue I play a Carnage Marauder and I was having to reset threat every 45 seconds and he had to spam taunt just because the threat wasn't enough. That assassin buff is really good for threat though and never had any issue.

    The only real area the Juggernaut won in was Enrages. Assassin's don't seem to have a way to survive long enough for Enrages. Black Talon Hard Mode every boss has an Enrage. Be it Percentage Wise or Timer Wise every boss has an enrage. The assassin would drop like a fly after 1 or 2 hits whilst the Juggernaut could chain cooldowns and last just that bit longer till I started tanking then I would pop mine and we would kill stuff.

    I have no idea about Powertech's but from what I'm hearing Powertech's are the best tanks hands down, best threat, best damage mitigation and they are ranged so it's one less melee.

    Hope this helped.

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    I currently have a lvl 36 powertech Bounty hunter. I would say its really the best of both worlds... right now I have a single target taunt, a Area taunt that i can shoot at a target and anyone near the target attacks me, I have a grapple that causes insane threat and brings the target to me, I have no trouble whatsoever keeping 4+ mobs on me at a time. Powertechs can have the most armor available AND they have a great deal of range threat and some awesome melee moves with their flamethrower. Most are saying the powertechs are the AOE tanks of the game. I would agree, but I would also add in if you can tank 4+ mobs at once... you should be able to tank 1 mob at once aswell haha (if you cant you are doing something wrong). All i know is i will be end game progressing with my powertech, and I do not plan on changing anytime soon.

    Chernobog (terentetek server)

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