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    My UI (the Hunter PoV, obviously). Still needs a little tweaking here and there but I'm quite happy with the results so far

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    Also using kgPanels for the background and ButtonFacade (Caith).

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    Drekh, looks nice

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    Thanks - I've uploaded my new UI if someone is interested in it! Wowinterface

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    Would really like to know if Dvorjaks UI is possible to download or what addons & fonts hes using.

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    Interested to know that as well. His' looks great.

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    Just wondering what(if any) addon you all use for tracking focus. I've been using Serenity, just wondering if there are any other options worth looking into!

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    I also use Serenity.

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    I use NeedToKnow to track my CD's.

    The font I use is Bakeneko found on Here is a direct download link:

    My UI used to be downloadable, but I haven't updated it for 4.3.

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    What is your setup? i like everything you have and would like to download your setup

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    here's my general UI,I use it on my warrior and shaman as well,it's just tweaked a bit for the other 2 toons

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifematters View Post
    i use the standard ui
    Me too :-D

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    hmm i dont know why but i cant link my ui ;<

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    Standart UI. Never used anything else, most likely never will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyx View Post
    Standart UI. Never used anything else, most likely never will.
    Look out, we got a bad-ass over here...

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    Yeah... i was never a fan of custom UI's i have used this one for 4 years and although i have tried i just cant seem to get used to a different one

    Edit : Ignore what i have on my bars, i was trying out MM for the first time ever (I didnt like it) so they are a little crazy. BM for life! xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusk View Post
    Just finished, thanks for the inspiration Dvorjak and for giving me the bar texture/font.

    NTK timers

    Castbar and targets castbar


    May I please ask, what font is that and how would I implement it into Miks scrolling Battle text?

    Sorry, I cannot post links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dvorjak View Post
    I use NeedToKnow to track my CD's.

    My UI used to be downloadable, but I haven't updated it for 4.3.
    Could you please upload it?
    It looks really nice and id really like it!


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