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    Base addons are:

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    my ui i threw together
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    The rotating dial represents the 5-Stack on Master Marksman, very similar approach to BM with Frenzy stacks on my pet.
    Omen would also appear under my player frame in a raid, with a very similar appearance to my recount.
    DBM Big Bars appear above my cast bar while the Small Bars appear over the target frame.

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    My graphical UI. Not suitable for anyone, because it's in my taste :P There used to be recount at left to Omen, but for some time I'm playing without it, I'm just too lazy to move it.
    Shadowed Unit Frames, Bartender4, Quartz, Serenity, PowerAuras.

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    Here's mine


    See it in action:
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    Just the blizz UI with serenity basically, don't really need anything more as surv. Icons over the focus bar shows debuffs on target/my buffs while lower icons are cooldowns.

    It's a thumbnail btw. :P

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    I started to "build" my UI some time ago after getting tired of using Elvui and Tukui, I took some ideas from other hunters ui I watched in videos.

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    I am using elvUI, its seem like the perfect you UI. | 8/8 HC 25-man | 154 World | Join us!

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    removed large image

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    Power Auras and everything else showed
    The Mundane and The Magic
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    Please Dvorjak any way you can update your UI? it looks sooo good.

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    Dvorjak, please post your UI! I know you would like to update it, but you should still post it until that time comes. It's... so beautiful... Literally the perfect UI, but i'd have
    to add MSBT :P

    This is my first MMO-CHAMP post ever... I guess I'm more of a listener.

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    Here's mine:

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    The target frame at the top isen't supposed to be their.

    anyway i'm using xperl, bartender and miksscrollingcombat text.
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    Always looking at UI's. One of these days I'll really try to set up the perfect UI for me. As of now, this one works fine for me.

    Out of Combat:

    In Combat:
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    Made it easy for myself and went with ElvUI with just a few extras.

    Using Quartz aswell, placed between the pet health bar and the "Killshot Ready Now" message.

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