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    I want to know EVERYTHING about SWTOR

    So as the title says, I would like to learn everything I can about SWTOR. I want to know how it started, how it began, what other star wars games were before it... mainly the lore. I would really love to know the lore first in relation to Star Wars. I have watched some of the Star Wars movies but I am always confused on who is the Empire, or the Republic or the Senate or the Galactic Republic. I want to know all of this and also the big names and who is who in Star Wars in relation to important people in the SWG as well as the races and planets and all that stuff.

    I really want to try out SWTOR but I would like to know EVERYTHING I can before I start playing... I like to be immersed in my game-play. I will probably give it a half a month to a month before I start playing SWTOR so they can iron out the bugs that are currently in the game so then I would have the optimal and most enjoyable experience playing it when I do start playing... Anyway, back to topic...

    I would like start with the lore first in relation to Star Wars... I would like to know all the big names of people and planets and all the races and everything there is to know about Star Wars lore. Where should I specifically go to learn all of this? Also, I need like a step-by-step method on where should I start first to know about the lore of Star Wars. I tried looking at the SWTOR site but I am so confused. The only thing thing that I know about Star Wars are some of the movies, which are confusing to understand... and I like the light-sabers, swoosh-swoosh =P

    Next thing I would like to learn is about the game-play about SWTOR, like classes and races and game systems, basically everything and anything in relation to the SWTOR game-play. I also would like to know where exactly do I start looking for the information for this as well as step-by-step on where I should start first looking and then onwards.

    The reason I am asking for advice on the how-about of getting these information is because there is just a lot of resources out there but I would like to the best knowledge as well as the most comprehensive knowledge I can related to lore and game-play for SWTOR... I also confused, too, since I do not know much of anything in relation to Star Wars.

    I have been reading a lot of forum posts lately, on both here in this sub-forum as well as on the main SWTOR site forums... So I am kind of keeping up-to-date on a lot of things related to SWTOR. I might have more questions related to SWTOR but I need to focus on the topic at hand first and then if I need more clarification, then I will ask... .

    I have a few more questions such as would SWTOR be a right fit for me if the only MMORPG I have ever played is WoW for 7+ years? Another question was would my computer and laptop be able to run SWTOR but I don't know if I should make them separate topics since I want to elaborate more on my tastes as well the specs for the systems I have.... but I will hold out on these 2 questions and focus on THIS thread's topic, which is to know everything about SWTOR in relation to game-play and lore... I will make the separate topics at a later date because I do not want to get infracted for spamming the forums again :/.

    Thanks in advance... And I really hope SWTOR becomes a competitive MMORPG alongside WoW =P. I hope for great success for this game 'cause it is so darn interesting and new ;P

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeboxMqdXdE - a lot of the backstory explained

    movies don't really matter for this game, it's set some 3500 years before them

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    Better Start here:http://www.swtor.com/info/holonet/timeline
    Go from right to left.
    Have fun!

    Edit: I was too slow, forgive me god of fast typing!!

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    I recommend this thread, it's a compendium of all the known information on SWTOR

    The Lore is easy for me to answer,

    This website has all the information you'll ever need on Star Wars - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

    I'd also recommend you watch all of the Star Wars movies, if you want to learn more about the Universe without reading.

    Also, if you're that into Lore like I am, there are a ton of comics and books covering the Old Republic-era, I'd recommend you read the "Knights of the Old Republic"-series(50 comics) and the three novels given out by Dark Horse in relation to SWTOR; Fatal Alliance, Deceived and Revan. It's a real hassle to find all the books and comics, so I'd suggest you download them from http://thepiratebay.org/search/star%20wars/0/7/602(There are several collections of Star Wars material on that list, sorted after amount of seeders, just pick the ones you want, some of them might have duplicates or comics the others don't), and then buy them if you want. To read the comics you'll need CDisplay.

    You should also play the games "Knights of the Old Republic" and "Knights of the Old Republic 2", I'm noticing lots of references to events in those games when I'm playing through TOR, and lots of small easter eggs aswell.
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    Ok, so I have listened/watched the whole timeline thing on the SWTOR site... Pretty interesting...

    I have read that forum post that has compiled the SWTOR info from before. I did not click on any links or any youtube videos yet, but I will do that after I have explored the whole SWTOR site, starting from the overview and going on to Setting and classes and planets, etc.

    I was always so invested in WoW lore and now, I want to learn so much more on SWTOR. Good thing I do not have to watch the movies since SWTOR is based on 3500 years before the birth of Darth Vader.... Off to reading the SWTOR site... =)

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    If you havn't yet play Knights Of The Old Republic 1 and 2 great games!

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    Well. Forget most about the movies honestly, there's little involvement with them. Other than, of course, a few jokes here and there and the general theme of things.
    Go play Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. Very good classical c-RPGs that anyone should play anyway, for time saving you should probably play the canonical versions but either way you'll learn most you need to know.

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