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    Some questions on items

    I have 2 questions about my item choice.

    1. Should i replace Varo'then's Brooch or Essence of the Eternal Flame with Eye of Unmaking?

    2. Should I put on Backbreaker Spaulders instead of Immolation Pauldrons? I have the T12 2-piece. (the heroic shoulders and normal chestpiece)

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    I've been using VB+EoU with 2p since first week, now with 4p I might switch to AoK normal over VB but not sure yet. VB is way better than EotEF, for sure.

    For your 2nd question I'd say yes, but you should just SimCraft it to be sure.

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    For my second question I was thinking about that 15% bonus of CS as bonus damage, and wonder if it'll amount enough to replace that 2p. Hm

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    As I said the best way to find out is to use SimCraft for it.

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