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    SWTOR view distance help!

    Hey guys, already awaiting a response from the Bioware team but anyone have ANY idea how i can change my view distance?

    They had this option in beta, especially in the one RIGHT before pre release. WHY on earth would they take it out? i was running fine when i could change the settings on my distance to like medium. And id run at 35 fps. Now im running at 15 WOOT.

    Anyway, anyone know how i can change this/if there going to add it back? i dont like my laptop getting the crap beat out of it because i cant change a setting xD

    Thanks for reading, and feel free to troll

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    It's one of the menu settings. I want to say it's called controls, but I'm currently queued (only US server with a queue, hurrah!) so I can't verify.

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    No, i had my hopes up xD

    However it seems thats the distance you can set your camera at. Not the environment view distance

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