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    SWTOR Launcher Problems

    So, after already writing on the CS boards on swtor.com and getting a lot of tips that didn't help sadly and writing a mail to the tech support which hasn't been answered after three days you guys here are my last hope.

    I recently reinstalled my Win7 64x on my SSD, the rest is completely the same, including my old (now formatted) HDD. I installed every driver, completely updated windows and checked my components.

    Now to the actual problem:
    My launcher doesn't start properly. Most of the times it doesn't start at all and I have to shut down the process to try again. When it does start it's only after about 10 minutes and the textures on the launcher only load very slowly (takes another 2-3 minutes). Now sometimes the launcher tries to update, which mostly goes fine although it takes a while.
    After that it's a game of luck. Sometimes I can very slowly type in my information and hope that the game launches after another 10 minutes (only happened once so far), or the whole thing just crashes so I have to cancel the process.

    I tried all the tipps described on the boards:
    Running everything as Admin
    Manually opening the ports
    Manually allowing swtor.exe and launcher.exe.
    Deleting the patch folder
    reinstalling Java and the .net framework
    Running the FixLauncher.exe (simply runs to about 80% and then shuts down without any message)
    Reinstalling it from a different source and on a non-SSD drive. (The first installation was the old folder which I had on my external HDD, the second was from the CD, and the third was a freshly downloaded client which I installed on my secondary drive.

    None of it helped. Not sure if anybody here can help me after the CS couldn't help me. But maybe someone here has an idea that nobody else thought of.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Its not just you pal - I am seeing *exactly* the same thing. I should point out that I am also running Win7 x64.

    I have noticed that the CPU usage sits on 0% for the entire 10mins before the process even opens the launcher window. The memory usage of the process starts about 13MB then gradually increases over the 10mins almost like it has a memory leak. By the time it opens it has just about hit 30MB.

    If anyone has a solution to this - please share it


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    I do not have a fix, but I wanted to add on to this thread.

    I am having a similiar issue.
    I copied SWTOR onto an external HDD.
    It runs fine on my computer that has SWTOR installed, but running from the external.
    When i bring that external drive to a different computer it will not run correctly.
    I launch the launcher and it takes forever to load, sometimes not at all. When i login it takes 30 seconds to process and then says I have the wrong password.
    Even closing the launcher is a pain.

    EDIT: I ran the Launcher Fix... No go.
    EDIT 2: I downloaded the installer again and had it overwrite my current install, but still keep most of the files.. The Launcher still ran like piss, and fianlly allowed me to try and login.. No go.
    EDIT 3: I wanted to run a repair, but I cannot repair unless I am fully patched.
    NOTE: I can still login just fine and play on the system that had the beta client originally.
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